Vision comes with determination and the right mindset

While he was still a student of grade 12, Monu Kumar heard about Eyeway in a message broadcast on All India Radio. Little did he know that one day Eyeway would become a source of constant support and guidance for him.

Monu first experienced vision issues when he was in grade 6. He was harrowed by the feeling that he was unable to see clearly after sunset. As a result, he started confining himself to his house in the evenings. On knowing about this development, his family got him a Disability certificate so that he could avail scribe facility for his board examination.

With family’s support, he overcame his limitations and went on to complete his undergraduate degree in Economics. He also successfully cleared the Teachers Eligibility Test (TET) and secured a school teacher’s job in Bihar.

As life seemed to get smooth for Monu, one unfortunate day at the school, he lost his vision completely. With his sight, he lost hope too. He became completely dependent on others for assistance. His confidence levels dropped drastically and he began to suffer a deep sense of inferiority. His colleagues at school undermined his ability to be able to independently teach his class given his blindness.

Desperate for help, he contacted Eyeway. Our team counselled him by citing examples of people who were completely blind in teaching profession using technology as a medium to be at par with their sighted colleagues. He was introduced to various assistive technology devices that would enable him to teach his class independently.

On Eyeway’s advice he has undergone mobility and computer training. He has also learnt how to use a smartphone using the talk back feature that has helped him greatly. All these new developments have brought back his lost confidence. Now 28 years old, Monu shows extraordinary determination to stay at par with his contemporaries in school.