About Us

Score Foundation was registered as a non-profit trust in 2002. We work for the visually impaired. The idea behind setting up Score Foundation was to change the mindset of people towards blindness and visual impairment and in the process, initiate a conversation on how to lead a Life with BlindnessWe believe every visually impaired person in our country is a potential resource and therefore needs to be invested in. Visually impaired persons have the potential to become independent, contributing and fully functional members of society. We are committed to disseminating information that can empower and inform the visually impaired so they are in the know of the myriad possibilities that lie ahead of them to lead an independent life. We believe that the problem is not with the eye but with the mindset. We aim to evolve mindsets of people towards visual disability through our various activities under Project Eyeway.

Score Foundations envisions a future where people with visual impairment are regarded as full fledged members of family, community and society. Our motto reads,

  • Space for all
  • Contribution by all
  • Opportunity for all
  • Recognition for all
  • Equality for all