Advocate against discrimination

One of the key functions performed by Eyeway is advocating for the rights of visually impaired and stop discrimination on grounds of blindness. Authorities like Banks, Government Offices, Schools and Colleges seem to be unaware of the provisions and rules of the law that allow blind people to participate on an equal footing with their able counterparts. In continuing to operate with their own limited knowledge and personal bias, they tend to deny people with visual impairment their due right to independence and dignity.

The advocacy team ensures that human and legal rights of people with vision impairment are promoted and protected. Issues raised by our callers relating to discrimination in employment, banking, education, access to other services, are taken up at policy and legislative level.

Our counsellors on the Helpdesk urge the callers to stand up for their rights as equal citizens of the country. We provide all possible support to them in their battle for equality and justice.