Information Dissemination

The available information and resources are scattered and Eyeway acts as an aggregator platform, making them easily accessible.

Till date we have conducted various activities for information dissemination.

Podcasts (Eyeway Conversations)

Eyeway Conversations is our podcast series through which George Abraham catches up with visually impaired people from across India and the world. Through the audio interviews, Eyeway aims to inform and inspire blind people and raise awareness among those who are sighted.  The audio episodes are hosted on Spotify and YouTube.

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Knowledge sharing sessions (Eyeway Encounters)

Eyeway Encounters is an initiative to bring an array of experiences and learning to visually impaired people. These monthly sessions with experts from different walks of life are meant to inspire the participants to discover possibilities, learn new skills, gain knowledge and more by participating in these motivating talks. These sessions are also a medium of collective advocacy on behalf of the community, as participants are invited to articulate challenges and complaints regarding specific services and schemes.

The sessions are conducted online via Zoom, in English and Hindi. The objective of these sessions is to broaden the horizon for visually impaired people and encourage them to feel empowered in many ways by getting a chance to interact with the experts.

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WhatsApp Broadcast

Eyeway runs a broadcast messaging service to keep the subscribers abreast with the lastest news, job vacancies, events and tech updates and more. We are connected with about 4000 blind and visually impaired individuals via our WhatsApp broadcast services.  Subscribe to WhatsApp Broadcast.

TV Series (Nazar ya Nazariya)

The thirteen part series, was aired on Doordarshan National and is now available on our YouTube Channel Eyeway India. The series aims at challenging common perceptions and focuses on immense possibilities of life with blindness. Each episode of the television series is introduced and signed off by the renowned actor Naseeruddin Shah, and anchored by Harsh Chhaya, a popular television actor.

Each episode of the television series featured real-life stories of blind and visually impaired achievers while addressing diverse themes throughout the course of the 13-part series. The themes ranged from Education, Employment, Business, Art and Culture to Marriage and Relationships.

Website- The Eyeway Website ( is a comprehensive storehouse of information on living life with blindness.

Radio Programmes ( Roshni ka Karwan)

Over the years, through the use of Radio we have not only been reaching out to stakeholders with information that is Informative, Inspirational and Empowering but also been building a connection with them to use Eyeway as a resource to look for solution and guidance to their challenges. It was the huge response to our radio programmes that promted us to setup our helpdesk. The Eyeway Radio shows generated an awaressness about life with blindness and also serves as an advertisemet for Eyeway, the knowledge source on life with blindness.

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