Paving way for a bright future

Yogesh Kad suffered from the rare Stevens-Johnson syndrome leading to vision loss. His middle class family approached various good eye hospitals for his treatment but to no avail. Since the mainstream school was ill equipped to teach a visually impaired student, he had to drop out of school. He took a one year break to learn braille and enrolled in a special school for the blind in grade 6. After finishing grade 8, he decided to directly appear for Class 10 exam through National Institute of Open Schooling.

Growing up Yogesh did not see blindness as a deterrent, he learnt mobility on his own. He was always surrounded by sighted friends who helped him write his exams and read out notes for him. This helped him to successfully complete his Bachelor’s in Computer Applications. It was only when he could not pursue his Masters due to financial crisis that Yogesh found himself at a loss of information on advanced courses and while researching online, he got to know about Eyeway.

The Eyeway counselor suggested him alternate ways of pursuing his interest which would also make him employable. Once he started with his free advanced online computer training, he realised that he needed to work on his communication skills. On contacting Eyeway again, other alternate options were suggested to him.

Yogesh is now confident that with these skills he can pursue his interest in computer operating jobs.