Getting back to normal life

A road accident in 2015 changed Sarath Krishnan’s life forever. A commerce student of Class 12, he was out for a fun ride with one of his friends. Sarath lost 65% of his vision and after spending nearly six months recovering in the hospital, he was handed over a Disability certificate without any further information on how he could live his life with blindness. With little acceptance of his vision loss and no reorientation, Sarath dropped out from school and sat idle at home for the next four years.

Coming from a financially poor background, Sarath did not want to be a burden on his parents who were daily wage labourers. He wanted to restart his life and become independent once again. But he did not know how. He reached the Eyeway Helpdesk on the recommendation of his eye doctor in the Little Flower Hospital in Angamaly, Kerala.

After understanding his need, the Eyeway counselor suggested him to undergo six-month rehabilitation training in a Kerala based non- profit organization, Ability Foundation. Here he learnt mobility skills, coping with basic daily needs as well as how to use computer with the aid of screen reading software. The Eyeway counselor also encouraged him to complete his class 12 through distance learning. Sarath plans to use his newly acquired computer skills to study for competitive examinations that will help him with government job opportunities. He aspires to become financially independent and support his parents and younger brother one day.