Student in search of a scribe

Durgappa  is a visually impaired student residing in Dharwad, Karnataka. He is in his final year studying B the original source.A. He contacted our counselor at Bangalore seeking assistance in organizing a scribe to help him write exams. We connected him to Pen Volunteers, a Bengaluru based organization which arranges for scribes to write examinations. A night before the exam, Pen Volunteers informed Durgappa that they would not be able to provide him with a scribe for his examination. This last minute cancellation left Durgappa anxious. With great difficulty he arranged for a scribe and managed to take the exam. He contacted us soon after his exam to inform us of the incident. We have recommended Pen Volunteers to so many students in the past and they have delivered mostly without fail. On probing further, we were informed that since Pen Volunteers operates from Bengaluru their reach in other parts of the state is still limited. This brings to light the need for engaging more organizations across states in order to prevent our callers from having to unnecessarily face stressful situations. One also has to factor in the larger picture where there is a dearth of individuals and organizations on a national level that can provide volunteer scribes to students with disabilities.