Stranded by immediate blindness, rejuvenated by confidence

Manmohan Sharma (name changed) is a 20-year-old from Jaipur. He is living with his parents and elder brother. His father works as a Chartered Accountant, his mother a housewife and his brother doing the final year of his Chartered Accountant studies. Manmohan has done his schooling from CBSE board. It was while doing his 11th standard in school when he first encountered the vision condition which was later diagnosed as Retina Pigmentosa (RP). His eye condition eroded 75% of his vision. The news struck him with shock and the knowledge that it would leave him completely blind as he grew older was a bitter pill to swallow. He fell into depression and lost hope but his family was courageous enough to give all the support he needs. His brother gave him immense support in battling the challenges in his studies.

With the hands-on involvement of his brother, he completed the CBSE board exam with 89% marks. Manmohan’s brother helped him study by scanning the study material and offering whatever instructive help was required. Once he finished his schooling, like anyone else Manmohan also faced the challenge of how to go ahead with his career. While researching on opportunities available for the visually impaired, Manmohan stumbled upon Eyeway and the toll-free number. His brother connected with Eyeway seeking career guidance for Manmohan. On inquiry, it was understood that Manmohan was interested in studying commerce but was unsure about the future with his 25% vision. Eyeway counselor guided him right, inspired confidence and assured him of his equal chance in excelling in life. Eyeway counselor also suggested various aids and assistive devices he could use like daisy player for studies, a scribe’s help for writing exams and the website on which he can register himself for the purpose of finding writers.

Eyeway counselor also put Manmohan in touch with Mr. Sameer Latey who is a Chartered Accountant who completed the course with only 15 percent vision. Now Sameer is a successful CA working with Reliance. Manmohan also wanted to know about the scope if he chooses any subjects from Arts stream for higher studies. He was also provided with the possibilities and challenges of it. On a follow-up call, it was understood that he got good guidance from Mr. Sameer Latey and thus decided to study Bachelor of Commerce from Jaipur University by correspondence. Manmohan also informed Eyeway that he had decided to prepare for his CA entrance exams.