Rehabilitation is paramount

When Yogendra Kumar (name changed) was pursuing his class 10th in 2012, he lost his eyesight due to corneal damage. This led to his studies being halted in the middle of class 10th. He is a resident of Bihar but his father’s government job had taken them to West Bengal where he lived when he encountered vision loss. Yogendra had to spend around 5 years in treatment and looking for the information for studying further. He came to know about National Eyeway Helpdesk in June 2017 through one of his friends. He wanted to learn to read and write Braille script so we put him in touch with local organizations in West Bengal like NAB, West Bengal and Hoogli Training and Education Handicapped Rehabilitation but he didn’t get any adequate support. Organizations in West Bengal gave their services in Bengali which is not Yogendra’s native language making it difficult for him to pursue his Braille training. After being informed on this difficulty Eyeway counselor placed him in contact with a Lucknow-based organization “Jayati Bharatam” for the adequate training in reading and writing Braille script which is essentially needed for his education. Jayati Bharatam also provides free accommodation which suited his needs well.

On a follow up it was understood that he completed the training. Now at the age of 19 years, he wants to resume his class 10th through National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). Eyeway counselor also put him in touch with NIOS regional office in Kolkata. For study material in accessible formats, he was put in touch with NAB Delhi’s audio books library.