Relentless support for visually impaired

Elza Joseph who works with the NGO Pardada Pardadi Educational Society in Anoopshahar, UP contacted Eyeway on behalf of two visually impaired students. Both these children are blind by birth due to retinal detachment. The NGO caters to the needs of poor and disabled girls by providing them with accommodation, education, training and life skills.

Sneha is one among the girl children who is blind and has been in the care of the NGO. She has studied till 7th standard and now the NGO has been looking to put her in a school outside their guardianship. Also, Lalit an 11 year boy who is blind approached the NGO for assistance to start his schooling. Elza Joseph who works with the NGO connected with Eyeway for appropriate education assistance for both these children. Eyeway counselor suggested Elza to connect with an organization in Delhi called Silver Linings run by Preeti Monga who is herself visually impaired seeking assistance for Sneha. As for Lalit, our counselor recommended to get in touch with All India Confederation for the Blind (AICB).

On follow-up it was understood that Sneha joined Silver Linings while Lalit couldn’t join AICB since the project for the blind had recently terminated there. Eyeway suggested an alternative in Jayati Bharatam Lucknow, UP which also didn’t work out for Lalit due to distance and transportation issues. Lalit’s parents were not willing to send him away from home. Finally they themselves arranged for admission in Amar Colony Institution for the Blind, Delhi. His parents were relieved that they could put Lalit in the care of their relatives and family in Delhi. Unfortunately this also didn’t work out due to some age barriers set by the school.

Eyeway has been relentlessly trying to help out Lalit and has connected him now to National Association for the Blind, Meerut and is eagerly waiting for a response.