Inflexible by conventions

Abdul Sattar 35 years old is a resident of Bijnor, UP. He is in touch with Eyeway since 2016. He has been calling Eyeway seeking employment opportunities. He belongs to a low income family, and is married with two daughters. His girls are I and 4 years old. Abdul is completely uneducated.

He remained unemployed and confined because of ignorance and unawareness. He assumed he had to lead is life based on charity and whatever support was provided by his family and society. He never thought of being self-reliant and independent. He lived on the meager income his wife could make by beedi making and selling which was a mere Rs.25 to Rs.30 per day.

After multiple interactions with Eyeway counselor Abdul started was encouraged to take up the job of a peon in a nearby school. But owing to some personal reasons he gave up the job within a month. On further probing our counselor understood that he was actually seeking a job for his wife and not for himself. During 2016 when he was in contact with Eyeway, the counselor guided him to the Panchayat of his village to avail employment under MNREGA. He resisted, coming up with excuses that such jobs are not suitable for a visually impaired person. But our counselor persisted and also communicated the need to assure Satar a job under MGNREGA to the Sarpanch of the village. The Sarpanch after his enquiry into Satar’s family informed the counselor that they possess the necessary documents but he is not ready to work on a follow-up call.

During the latest conversation with him, counselor suggested Satar to join Sunny Piplani’s sports goods manufacturing plant in Meerut as an alternative if he is reluctant to take up a job under MNREGA. We hope that we will be able to convince Abdul Satar to act towards becoming independent and self-reliant.