Rebuilding life over the rubble heap of defeats

Sushil and Ankur grew up together, two visually impaired boys from Kishanganj, Bihar. They played, studied and spent much time together. They went to school together and were both very poor. Sushil’s father picks up garbage for a living. These boys studied till 8th class in a mainstream school, with a scribe to write exams and some teachers for extra help. But they had to stop after 8th class because they no more options for higher education were available in their village and they had no finances to travel any farther. After halting school in 2010, they stayed home idle for the next 6 years.

They hardly had any awareness about studying further and no opportunities to find any relevant information. Coincidently Sushil heard about Eyeway on radio and contacted us. He and Atul were in contact with Eyeway initially but Atul on a whim aborted the communication with Eyeway and left Sushil’s company for an opportunity he got away from the village. This affected Sushil and also impacted the engagement with Eyeway.
After emotionally empowering Sushil and sharing practical possibilities, he was provided with information to pick up his life from where he had left off. Atul had a reason to leave because he was 3 years elder to 18 years old Sushil and he wanted a job while Sushil wanted to pursue his education.

This form of reasoning improved Sushil’s state of mind. And he was provided with information pertaining to rehabilitative training conducted by Blind Relief Association (BRA), Delhi exclusively for those visually impaired people who have missed out on schooling or marginally educated. This was to equip them with relevant industry skills in a one year program. Some skills covered under this program include bookbinding, paper craft, basic massage training, chair caning, sewing, etc. Also, training for personality development, Braille, music, computer, mobility etc. is conducted at BRA. Essential contact for communication was also shared with Sushil. At the same time, he was also informed that he could pursue his school education through NIOS open schooling.

On follow-up, it was understood that Sushil welcomed Eyeway’s suggestions and is set to join the program at BRA in July. Sushil had the will but only lacked an opportunity which we directed him towards. Now that Eyeway has guided him with the right opportunities and information to make use of, nothing less than success can be wished for him.