Looking for a quick fix

To find a new job in a new profession for a middle-aged person is always difficult. And when it is a 41-year-old, 80% visually impaired man it gets even harder. Prathap from Thiruvananthapuram contacted Eyeway in March 2018 seeking job opportunities. He is a well-qualified person with a B.Com degree who held a consistent job as a printing press manager. Prathap managed to live independently despite weak vision. He is married and father of a young boy who is in school. Now that his wife who is a teacher has to relocate to Delhi and that the printing press is shutting down, he is looking for a new job.

Understanding the importance of computer know-how to land a decent job, Prathap contacted Eyeway for computer based training opportunities. But after numerous interactions, our counselor understood that it is consistent and improved income that is Prathap’s priority. Understanding this need, the counselor suggested options which have greater opportunities and also some open vacancies. The counselor conveyed to Prathap the lucrativeness of massage/physiotherapy jobs which are also higher paid with more vacancies with surging demand for visually impaired people. The counselor convinced Prathap that this might be a better option in order to meet his immediate needs.

After helping Prathap make a decision, Eyeway counselor communicated with Blind Relief Association (BRA), Delhi and confirmed his admission into the training program. This is a short-term course and will have multiple employment opportunities. Prathap will be joining the program in July.