Re-kindling an old hobby

While on a regular visit to the hospital for an eye check-up, 33- year -old Sudheer learnt about Eyeway Helpdesk. When he contacted the Eyeway counselor in Kochi, his love for reading fiction was evident.

Sudheer was born sighted but gradually began losing his vision due to a degenerative eye condition. Despite his vision issues, he completed his Class 10 successfully. Due to financial constraints in the family he had to give up on his dreams of pursuing higher education and take up daily wage jobs.

After his marriage, Sudheer found great support in his wife, who started reading books to him again. However, he was keen to read on his own, without having to rely on anyone. Our counsellor informed him of assistive devices he could use to continue his passion for reading. He was guided to buy a smartphone and trained to use it with the help of screen reading software. He was also apprised on other special apps for audio books. Further, he was introduced to Kerala Federation for the Blind in where he could access his favourite Malyalam fiction books in audio format.

Sudheer is ecstatic to have found an independent way to pursue his passion for books and is grateful to the Eyeway team for guidance and support.