Learning the digital way

18-year-old Tirupati was born in Andhra Pradesh to poor parents. At an early age of 3, he lost his vision to an unknown medical condition. Lack of awareness on blindness and ways to raise a blind child, Tirupati’s childhood was a challenging one.

It was only after his family migrated to Maharashtra for work, Tirupati was admitted in a hostel for blind boys where he learnt mobility skills. After studying in the school till Class 6, he was then put into an inclusive school.

Through his school years, he learnt to operate computers with the help of screen reading software.

When he contacted Eyeway Helpdesk in Maharashta, he expressed his desire to own a computer and also to learn English speaking skills. Understanding his requirement, our counsellor informed him of various organizations in Delhi and Dehradun that provide laptops either free of cost or at a subsidized rate to blind students. He was also put in touch with a teacher who would provide him English classes free of charge.

He was further guided to buy a low cost android phone that would enable him to access free webinars and training classes offered by various organizations amid the pandemic crisis.

Presently a Class 9 student, Tirupati has access to the digital world from the comfort of his home.