Connected through technology

26-year-old visually impaired Bhuvanray Hardikar is a resident of Solapur, Maharashtra.  When the nationwide lockdown was imposed he suddenly found himself cut off from the world outside. A regular Eyeway client, he contacted Maharashtra Eyeway Helpdesk seeking status on the ongoing crisis. For the counsellor it was evident that Bhuvanray was anxious.

After probing further, he narrated his practical challenges preparing for his upcoming competitive examination. Born into a poor family with little resources, he had completed his Class X with great difficulty. Now pursuing Class 12, he is simultaneously trying for employment opportunities in the government sector. Given his age and family pressure to contribute to the household income, Bhuvanray found himself losing on the valuable time.

Understanding his challenges, Eyeway counsellor assured him of practical solutions to his issues. He was apprised on assistive technology like smartphone that could help gain knowledge from the comfort of his home. He was further guided to buy a low cost smartphone and trained to use it with inbuilt talkback feature.

With this new development, a whole new world opened up for Bhuvanray. With all academic classes going online, he can now stay connected with his college. He was also informed about various online resources where he can access study material for his examination.

Well-equipped to use the smartphone now, Bhuvanray has explored many digital platforms including social media and YouTube, to learn and stay connected amid the pandemic.

Eyeway believes that technology can be a great leveller in today’s digital world. Hence it is our constant endeavour to empower visually impaired people through usage of technology in their day to day lives, enabling them to live a more independent life.