Access to information

Venkatesh (name changed) recently got in touch with the Eyeway Helpdesk to share his concerns about his education. During his interaction he shared that he has 40% visual impairment.   He is currently pursuing B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and presently is in the fifth semester. As per the doctor’s suggestion he is able to perform field work but cannot engage in doing computer work. He also shared that he doesn’t feel comfortable to   operate the computer.  Our counselor Devashish Bhargav suggested he find out more details about his eye condition whether it is be degenerative or stable. This information would then help Venkatesh identify the course of action for future.  We also provided him information about screen reader like JAWS and NVDA. We put him in touch with EnAble India for computer training. To help Venkatesh gain a broader understanding of possibilities with regards to career options, Devashish recommended he view our TV Series ‘Nazar Ya Nazariya’ on our YouTube Channel and further informed him about the kind of opportunities that are available both in the government and corporate sector.