Undaunting spirit and relentless pursuit

28-year-old Jayashree (name changed) is a very ambitious girl and her accomplishments are a proof to it. Never has she been bogged down by her visual impairment which is limited to faint light and image perceptions. She comes from a middle-class family with working parents and an elder brother. Despite her deteriorating vision, her parents gave her timely education till she could realise the value of it herself. Once she realised the prospects of an adequate education, she decided to put in hard work to succeed. Jayashree who hails from Bihar finished her schooling, went on to do her graduation and post-graduation in Music. She complemented all of it with a B.Ed. degree making herself eligible for teaching.

Initially she struggled through schools, exams, assignments, etc. relying on her family and friends, but the knowledge of scribe later during her college, improved her situation. So much did she know about the possibilities she could avail to make her life with disability easier and dignified. She sought information from various sources and her efforts were not futile. In 2017, she came in contact with Saksham Trust, New Delhi through which she was guided to NAB- Eyeway Helpdesk in New Delhi. She immediately contacted NAB-Eyeway and communicated with the respective counselor. On comprehending her issue, the counselor felt that her lack of awareness in terms of assistive technology was perhaps a stumbling block in her progress.

The counselor informed her about various assistive technologies like NVDA and JAWS screen-reading software for computers as well as Talkback for Android phones. He also guided her on how to easily use the laptop for her work. Though she was in possession of a laptop for the past 5 years, she was not using it due to deficient knowledge. Considering her technology related concerns, she was also advised to enrol in a technology training program at NAB. Convinced by the potential of learning these skills, she spared no time in joining the program and acquiring the desired skills in 2017.  Since then she is in constant touch with the Eyeway counselor regarding various queries. This also included her ambition to seek employment in the public sector which required the availability of accessible study material. The counselor duly assisted her with the same. Being her industrious self, she absorbed all these skills and suggestions and put it to optimum use.

In July 2018, she cleared the NET exam which makes her eligible for professorship as well as the preliminary exam for SBI clerical vacancy. Jayashree is an example to many women who are visually impaired but confined, battling everyday stigma and societal hostility. We hope Jayashree will reach greater heights with all her confidence and passion to succeed.