Transformation through Technology

22 year old Pramod, from Pali, Rajasthan began losing his eyesight a few years ago. He heard about the Eyeway toll free number on the radio and got in touch with us to seek guidance and support. Pramod had completely stopped using computers because he was unaware of the many software and assistive technology that enabled accessibility.  He was unsure of how to take his life forward. Our counselors assured him that with the right training, technology and software he could resume computer and mobile usage and lead a normal life. Our counselors helped him purchase a smart phone and gave him instructions that would enable him to use it. Pramod, owing to his interest in technology, began exploring the world of assistive technology. He has been in constant touch with our counselors, reaching out whenever he is posed with a challenge or difficulty. Pramod  has also signed up for our whatsapp alert service and  regularly uses the Eyeway app. He is also a member of the Eyeway facebook page. Pramod has purchased a computer and hopes to build a career in computers and technology. He claims that the Eyeway Helpdesk has been a great guide and support that has enabled and empowered  him to be more independent and self-reliant.