To go the extra mile

25 year old Bappi, a resident of Jharkhand lost his eyesight overnight at the age of 13 due to sudden retinal detachment. He underwent treatment at Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai with the hope to recover his sight. After several treatments, his vision was restored but it only lasted only for 10 days. And once again he became visually impaired. His doctors motivated him to take part in training workshops which paved way for Bappi in joining the National Institute for Visually Handicapped, Chennai and Mitra Jyothi, Bangalore where he learnt how to use braille and computers. As a visually impaired person, it was quite difficult for him to understand the processers as the software system was not supportive to his needs. Nevertheless, this did not stop Bappi from acquiring knowledge and with the help of a few experts, he went on to complete Java C++ course in Vishakhapatnam.

Since childhood, Bappi dreamt of pursuing MBA. He took admission in a mainstream college and was fortunate enough to find extra help and support from peers and teachers during and after classes. While searching for jobs alongside his studies, Bappi came to know about Eyeway and instantly got in touch with the Helpdesk to seek solutions. He first inquired about bank related issues. Eyeway got in touch with the concerned bank (State Bank of India) and helped him procure his passbook after a long struggle. He shared that Eyeway provided him relevant and useful information about job prospects and coaching institutions as well.

After successfully completing his MBA, Bappi moved to Delhi to prepare for UPSC. He is currently working as a counselor in SAKSHAM and is preparing for civil services as he aspires to become an IAS officer and serve the society in his fullest capacity. He thinks that nothing is impossible to achieve for the visually impaired, and if at all Eyeway is there to help.