Timely intervention

Satinder (name changed), a resident of Sangrur, Punjab is 24 years old and 100% blind. He has been working as a clerk in the Punjab Government’s Education department since September 2016. A few months into the job, Satinder learned that another visually impaired person working in the same department and on the same post was being paid more than him. He raised this issue with the management but his complaint went unheeded. He continued to receive a lesser salary, so he decided to seek help from Eyeway. After he reported the matter to our counselor in January 2017, he was apprised of his legal rights to claim a higher salary. Our counselor shared a copy of the official circular stating the minimum wages due to him. Satinder shared the same circular with the respective authorities in his department, asking for a correction in his salary. The department finally agreed and Satinder started receiving his full dues from March 2017. This was a clear case of discrimination on account of his blindness. Awareness of the relevant scheme enabled him to fight for his right to receive the stipulated salary on a timely basis. Satinder was very thankful to Eyeway for the information, support and courage they provided him to fight for his rights.