Striving to survive

Sanjay Negi from Garhwal, Uttarakhand is a 22 year old hardworking individual wanting to be independent and support his family. But sometimes the systems are too immutable to change that the poor and weaker sections will fail to catch-up, and irrespective of how hard they try. He contacted Eyeway in July 2018 and the call was regarding hostel accommodation.

Being born in a poor family itself was a struggle for Sanjay while growing up. While doing his 7th standard in school he met with an accident and lost his vision. This left him and the family devoid of all hope. They couldn’t fathom the reality of the situation that the next two years they spend ruing it. And in 2013 getting to know about National Institute of Visually Handicapped (NIVH), Dehradun from some of his friends he joined there for three months rehabilitation training. After that he joined an Industrial Training (ITI) course in NIVH itself for one year in 2014. After that he came to Delhi and staying in a hostel accommodation for the next two years he finished his 10th standard in 2016. But at the same time the hostel accommodation where he stayed, shut down and he had to leave Delhi not being able complete his schooling. But being so industrious Sanjay was not ready to give up; he went back to NIVH for computer training in 2017 for the next six months. Once after he realised that it is possible for him to lead a normal life with education and employment, he was always on the lookout for new opportunities.

But the lack of accommodation facilities turned out as an obstacle for him to progress in Delhi. Getting to know about Eyeway from one of his friends, he contacted Eyeway counselor immediately and sought recourse. Eyeway counselor was quick to suggest institutions like Blind Relief Association (BRA), National Federation for the Blind etc. here in Delhi so that he could find a place to stay and pursue his education. Unfortunately he was denied accommodation on the ground that he won’t enrolled for any academic or training programs with these institutions. On one hand this is a difficult reality but also the truth. Institutions are hampered with the onus to accommodate and educate as many disabled people as possible that they have to resort to such hard-line policies. The lacks of such eminent and productive institutions across India in turn hamper the opportunities for disabled people to pursue education, training, employment etc. But after comprehending this issue Eyeway counselor figured out the solution for Sanjay. He was directed to Bharat Blind School in Delhi where he can avail free education while pursuing a future of his choice.