Stemming the confidence loss

Everyone faces bouts of high confidence and low confidence in their lives linked to many different circumstances they face. But the challenge is to surmount both the highs and lows because it is harmful either ways, if in overdose. It is importanr to have a clear mind and strong mental health to navigate through these phases of life. And this is regarded globally significant for a healthy human future. This is why UN has adopted Good Health and Well Being as Goal 3 among the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved by 2030, where mental health gets a significant mention.

Eyeway counselors met with 22 year old Satpal and his sister Saroj from Faridabad, Haryana. They were referred to Score Foundation from National Association for the Blind (NAB), Haryana. They decided to travel and meet with the counselors. And that effort didn’t go in vain. Satpal is 80% visually impaired and experiencing a loss of confidence for the last three years. His vision is slowly deteriorating and he is finding it hard to accept this change because he grew up like any other kid in the neighbourhood, playing and frolicking with them, playing outdoor games like cricket which happens to be his favorite.

But now it has been a long time since he played cricket, in fact, four years since he has even agreed to go out of his house. He belongs to a poor family. His father’s daily wage from a nearby cloth manufacturing company is the only income in the family. And his elder sister Saroj takes care of his mobility and basic needs on a daily basis. Satpal has done schooling from a mainstream school in Faridabad and his sister helped him in completing his 12th standard. After finishing his school he has been sitting idle at home for the last four years. He didn’t want to go outside the house or try out anything new. He almost resigned to a thought that he is helpless and there is nothing more to his existence.

But meeting with Eyeway counselors gave him a new perspective and his sister some hope. For each problem of his that was a heavy load on him, Eyeway provided basic solutions. For achieving a new skill, counselors suggested him to join National Federation for the Blind (NFB) in Haryana, for employment he was advised to gain some coaching from NAB, R.K Puram, Delhi wherefrom he could also have access to books, screen reader and other study material. And to pursue his favourite game, Eyeway suggested Samarthanam Trust, Delhi for cricket coaching. This has lit up his world. He has already joined NFB, Faridabad for the 6 months computer training and will pursue the other suggestions gradually.

To make disability a way of life and not an inability, acceptance of one’s body and mind is important. Optimism and confidence must also be mustered for having good mental health. All one needs for it is a positive environment. Eyeway strongly believes Satpal has reinvented his confidence and he will exploit it for his own good.