Slowed down by denial and stigma

Ajit Sharma (name changed)  a 31-year-old resident of Delhi who went blind after he met with an accident in 2007 walked into Score Foundation with his parents. They are a well-to-do family, with Ajit’s father a businessman and mother a house-wife. Ajit has gone through the ordeal of being in a coma six months after he met with the accident. They got to know about Eyeway when one day they accidentally bumped into our Helpdesk Operations Manager. But it took them a whole year before they made up their mind to contact Eyeway Helpdesk. During the length of ten years between his accident and meeting with Eyeway, all Ajit could do was gain four-month computer training from NAB, R.K Puram. Though the number of years gone behind was less important in the face of the new found determination of Ajit to make use of his life with education and a job, there was an evident denial and stigma holding back his parents from accepting their son’s current needs in life. Some of the suggestions to provide speech therapy or psychiatric counseling were brushed under the carpet which was observed by the counselors as needful to Ajit’s physical and mental conditions.

But the counselors were successful in convincing Ajit and his parents of the need for education. The counselors suggested enrolling Ajit for a correspondence course with IGNOU. They were made to understand the availability of E-books through Gyan Kosh online resource library of IGNOU and audiobook libraries in NAB and Saksham. Also, demonstration of the Android phone and screening of Nazar Ya Nazariya was held by the counselors to make Ajit and his parents more aware of the possibilities of a life after blindness. We also put Ajit in contact with NGO Samarthanam in Delhi for a rehabilitative training.

On a follow-up call, it was understood that Ajit Sharma was admitted into Samarthanam where he will undergo training for life and mobility skills like computer, socialization, etc.