Showing an alternate course 

Sahib Singh is a 19 year old boy from Delhi who was born blind. At the age of four, his parents met with the doctors at the Guru Nanak Eye Care Centre in Delhi with hopes to restore his vision. Post-consultation, the doctors decided to install a lens in one of his eyes which facilitated him to move around like any other sighted person. Unfortunately, many years later his eyesight began to deteriorate once again due to a degenerative eye condition known as Retinitis Pigmentosa. The doctors couldn’t help him a second time and instead advised him to visit the National Association for the Blind, Delhi (NAB) for rehabilitation.

At NAB, Sahib met with the Eyeway counselor who apprised him of all the opportunities that are still available to him. To start with, he was asked to apply for a disability certificate that can be used to avail his disability pension. He was then counseled on the importance of education and how accessible study material can help with his studies. The counselor informed Sahib about a four-month computer diploma course at NAB, Delhi where he could learn how to use a screen reader enabled computer.  Heeding the counselor’s advice and instructions, Sahib successfully secured a disability certificate which he can now use for availing various provisions. He also enrolled for Class 10 through the National Institute of Open Schooling and appeared for his exams earlier this year. The counselor at NAB assisted him during his exams by providing him with books he required for prep, in accessible format. Sahib has completed his diploma in computer course from NAB and is now awaiting his Class 10 results.