Seeking information and guidance

Sayaji Waghmare is a 29-year-old visually impaired resident of Nanded, Maharashtra. At 6 years of age, he suffered from a severe fever which resulted in complete sight loss. His parents sought medical help but his vision loss was irreversible. Sayaji started off his education at the age of 9 in a special school for the visually impaired. After finishing Class 12, he pursued a Telephone Operator course and a Maharashtra State Certificate of Information Technology course (MSCIT) in the Technical Training Institute for the Blind, Maharashtra. After completing both these courses, he got a job as a Telephone Operator in Hyderabad. But the job away from home wasn’t very comfortable for Sayaji and so he came back to Mumbai. Here he found a job as a masseur after completing a Massage Training course at the National Association for the Blind (NAB).

Sayaji heard about Eyeway through a promotional message on radio and he called up the Helpdesk to seek information on various queries. Recently, his UDID card online application was rejected due to errors made while submitting the same and he wanted to know how to resolve the issue. Our counselor informed him about a special camp for UDID card applications being organized at Degloor Andh Vidyalaya and advised him to meet the Officer posted there. On reaching the camp, he contacted the Helpdesk and requested the counselor to speak with the higher authority present there. Eyeway counselor explained to the Officer in-charge about the mistakes made by Sayaji in his submission following which the errors were rectified and his form resubmitted. Sayaji was happy and extremely grateful to Eyeway for the support he received in this process. He then shared his feelings of dissatisfaction towards his current job and sought guidance from the counselor on better employment opportunities available for him in the government sector. He was apprised of the vacancies advertised by the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) along with their application deadlines.

In a follow up call, Sayaji informed our counselor that he received a 14-digit registration number for his UDID application and he’d submitted various application forms for jobs put out by RRB.