Resolute in the face of challenges

21-year-old Anil from Belgavi district, Karnataka contacted Eyeway after hearing about the service on the radio. He is visually impaired by birth and so are his father and brother. Anil’s mother, the only sighted member in the family manages the daily affairs in the household with a small income.

But despite all challenges, both the children were sent to school. Anil studied in a nearby village mainstream school. With the help of friends, teachers and his family, he completed schooling successfully securing the first rank. Though his low vision was a hindrance, he was ambitious enough to not let it hamper his progress. He held books close to his eyes and sat close to the blackboard in the classroom so that he could read and take notes respectively.  At the same time his brother successfully completed his post-graduation, inspiring Anil to also pursue his further education. But the lack of finances came in the way of ambition. Anil’s brother was unable to find employment and the income from agricultural work was also inconsistent. This left the family miserable.

But still Anil was not ready to give up. He kept his faith and went on to pursue his graduation. Being a radio enthusiast, he heard about Eyeway and its services for the blind over a radio programme. This aroused his curiosity and led him to contact the Eyeway Helpdesk. He contacted chiefly to know about available income sources or schemes from the government under which he could get a scholarship. Comprehending his query, the Eyeway counselor suggested State scholarship schemes like Vidya Sri Scholarship for undergraduate students where the student is entitled to Rs. 7,000 annually on scoring 80% and above. A second solution on scholarship specifically for persons with disabilities was also suggested to him under which he could avail Rs. 3,000 annually. He availed the scholarship support as per the information shared and completed his degree, once again securing 1st rank.

Though he had plans to pursue his post-graduation, the untimely death of his father slowed his pursuits. He contacted Eyeway again seeking some short term support. The counselor suggested him to pursue vocational courses like computer training or spoken English till he could get back into mainstream education. Indeed it is a difficult time for Anil with respect to his father’s demise and worsening finances in the family. Eyeway hopes Anil will be able to overcome these challenges and set things right.