Opening up a new world of access!

A resident of Nanjangud city in Karnataka, Pooja is totally blind. However, she has not allowed her vision impairment to come in the way of her ambitions. She is a diligent student who performed exceedingly well in her Class 10 and 12 exams.

Pooja learnt to read and write Braille at an early age because that was her only means to access study material. Like a lot of visually impaired people, she was unaware of any other way of acquiring knowledge given her impairment. Pursuing her graduation in Commerce, Pooja often faced difficulty in accessing Braille books for her accounting syllabus. She called Eyeway seeking help.

Talking to the counselor, for the first time she realized that there were other accessible formats in which notes and books could be read by visually impaired people. She learnt about the online accessible libraries, Bookshare and Sugamya Pustakalaya. It was almost as if a new world had opened up for Pooja. What seemed to have been limited by Braille, now appeared limitless with technology. She soon switched to Daisy format of books for her studies. This also instilled in her, the confidence to fulfil her dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant (CA).

When she shared the same with Eyeway, our counselor apprised her of other visually impaired people who are successful practicing CAs today. Empowered with all information regarding accessible text books, online resources, ease of access through technology and inspirational stories of other blind people, Pooja is determined to work hard for achieving her goals.