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Ram Kumar was in Class 6 when his eyesight began to deteriorate. Without realizing that this would be an ongoing process, he continued to study until it became difficult for him to move around and read on his own. By Class 8, Ram had stopped going to school, assuming that visually impaired people could not study. With no information on how to live life with blindness, Ram spent the next two years undergoing treatment. His parents were supportive and rushed to every possible eye specialist to restore their son’s eyesight, yielding no results.

Ram had lost hope of going back to school and feared to turn completely blind. It was only during one of his hospital visits that Ram heard about the Eyeway Helpdesk. Without wasting anytime, 18 year old from Madhipur, Bihar called our toll free number to know if he could resume his education despite vision impairment. Our counsellor assured Ram that he could study with the help of assistive technology like computers with screen reading software and Talkback feature enabled smartphones.

After many attempts, the Eyeway team was also able to convince a school in Uttar Pradesh to give admission to Ram and provide him with lodging to make up for his lost years. From being entirely hopeless about his future to preparing for a new academic year, Ram has found a new purpose in life. He will be taught braille and computers in the school. He is grateful to Eyeway for bringing in a much-needed hope in his life.