Not limiting his vision

21- year-old Ankit Bhasin from Hebbal, Bangalore was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at birth. Having lost his eye sight gradually, he is left with only 10% vision., But Ankit was fortunate to receive full support from his family, because of which he could successfully finish his schooling and graduation in Journalism. His early introduction to technology helped him study in mainstream institutions using computers and other assistive devices.

While Ankit had been lucky to have found support in his family, he aspired to be independent financially. Seeking job opportunities, he contacted Eyeway Helpdesk on a friend’s recommendation. The Eyeway counselor learned that Ankit wanted to pursue a career in radio as an anchor. He was suggested make a list of all radio stations and then send his resume across for a radio presenter’s job.

Ankit is yet to hear back from the places he has applied to owing to the apprehensions of mainstream employers in hiring people with visual impairment. However, this has not dampened his spirits. Expressing his desire to work in other sectors, Eyeway counselor connected him to the Customer Support team at Enable India, who in turn informed Ankit about the vacancies at LinkedIn. Befitting to his profile, he was able to secure a job at LinkedIn as a Customer Support Executive.

Ankit is grateful to Eyeway team for their support and is happy working in his current position. He will continue to pursue his dream of working as an RJ while gaining work experience from other sectors.