Never back down

46 year old Dileep CR lives in Kurumassery, Kerala with his wife and daughter. Working as a construction labourer, he met with an accident on the site which adversely affected his eye sight. Following the mishap, Dileep found it increasingly difficult to continue his job due to low vision. Recently one of his eyes was enucleated and he has some vision in the other eye. Since then he has been looking for a source of employment so he can cater to the needs of his family. During one of his visits to the Little Flower Hospital for his eye treatment, he was redirected to meet with the Eyeway Helpdesk counselor stationed there.

Dileep expressed his concern to the counselor regarding a stable income. He thought his loss of vision had left him ‘unemployable’. He wondered if he could start some small construction business of his own but he had no money to do that.  The counselor apprised Dileep of the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana under which he could avail a loan to start his business. On getting all the necessary details about the scheme and banks from the counselor, Dileep met with the Bank Manager who approved his loan. Dileep was all set to start the business after the processing of 40 days but he encountered some land ownership issue which caused a delay of few months. He contacted Eyeway again seeking for some immediate employment solution in the interim.

On his behalf, the Eyeway counselor contacted a placement agency and set up an interview. Luckily Dileep got a security guard’s job through the agency so he can start to earn some money while he waits for a resolution on his business setup. In addition to all the employment related information, our counselor also recommended Dileep to undergo rehabilitation training so his mobility is not affected by further loss of vision.