Need to sustain livelihood

Rajnath Kumar (name changed), a resident of Uttar Pradesh is 100% blind. He is married and a father of two girls. He grew up in the midst of financial troubles. Hailing from a farmer’s family, his education stopped when he passed from 8th standard in school. That was the best his father could afford for him. There was a long period of him remaining as a liability to his family and in despair. But marriage brought a new perspective to his life and economic self-sustenance was inevitable to that. This is when he started ruing about starting a business of his own. He searched for jobs and also sought to add skills that would help him gain employment. He underwent training at Blind Relief Association (BRA), Delhi in candle making. He wished to start his own business and was curious about where he could apply for a loan at affordable interest rates.

He learned about Eyeway from a friend and decided to call for help. Eyeway counselor helped him with information on the National Handicapped Finance Development Corporation (NHFDC) and various self-employment finance schemes available. Precise contact that would help Rajnath get acquainted with the respective State Channelizing Agency (SCA) of NHFDC in Uttar Pradesh was conveyed.

In a follow-up call to Rajnath, we learned that he had contacted NHFDC which offered him a solution for his self-employment venture. In fact, NHFDC inclined to give him training on setting up the grocery shop on which he had doubts. But the Eyeway counselor could instill confidence in him and convince him to take up the training.