Guiding on to the right path

Jayamala was only eight years old when she lost her eyesight due to untimely treatment. For the next decade, the young girl stayed within the safe walls of her home. Her family who sustained through a small business had no idea what to do with Jayamala. It was only when one of their relatives apprised them about an organization working for disabled persons that she stepped outside for the first time.

In the institution, she met with other visually impaired people like her and slowly got acquainted with a new life this place had to offer. She learnt to read and write using Braille script and appeared for Class 10 examinations. Further, she completed higher secondary and is currently pursuing graduation.

Jayamala contacted Eyeway when she was unable to take a print out of her Unique Disability ID (UDID). The Eyeway counsellor helped her resolve her immediate issue but also sensed Jayamala’s under-confident tone. Speaking with her further, it was realized that despite going through school and college, she lacked the necessary skills to cope with the outside world. The counsellor recommended Jayamala to undergo Enable India’s Health and Wellness training for visually impaired girls. This training would impart computer, mobility and life skills that would help her live an independent life.

Jayamala is currently pursuing training and is happy with these new developments in her life.

Eyeway is not only committed to providing immediate solutions to visually impaired people but also transform their lives by suggesting relevant life skills training to help them live their life to the fullest.