Empowering by example

Sheru Patel a totally blind 24 year old man from Aurangabad, Maharashtra contacted Eyeway on behalf of two visually impaired students who are in his NGO’s care. Sheru is running an NGO called ‘Apang Bal Kalyan Bahuddeshiya Samantha’ in Aurangabad for visually impaired boys. The NGO caters to education, training and rehabilitation needs of the visually impaired poor and rural children.

Sheru became totally blind when he was 11 years old while studying in a mainstream school in Aurangabad.  He was prescribed treatment but it turned futile for him, rendering his eye condition incurable. Later with the support of NAB, Mumbai he gained vocational training to be an electrician. During the same time he finished his schooling.  It was his stint in Germany where he went for higher studies on a scholarship that changed his perspective entirely.  There he encountered with the struggles faced by visually impaired people leading him to decide to work more closely with them. This made him come back to India and start the NGO in 2013.

He called Eyeway seeking recourse for two students his NGO has been supporting for the last two years. Easwar Gaekwar pursuing his 9th standard and Gajanand his 12th standard are the two students, Sheru called for. These two students were denied scribe facility in giving their board exams. The school was unaware that visually impaired students could get such assistance. Eyeway counselor duly guided Sheru in finding the scribe related government document.

Sheru could make use of the document which was submitted to the school with the disability certificate of both the students. As a result, the school acknowledged the documents, allowing the students to give their exams using a scribe for assistance. Sheru called us back and shared his gratitude for the supporr provided by our Helpdesk counselor.