Desperate to make a living

A resident of Jharkhand, 22 year old Sikander (name changed) is 100% blind since birth. Unfortunately, he didn’t continue his studies after Class VIII because of the lack of support and guidance available to blind students. Sikander had a keen interest in music, especially playing the keyboard. Sitting idle at home, he decided to channelize his time and energy into practicing and improving his skills as a musician.

As he grew older, Sikander realized the need to earn money to be able to support his family. He tried his hands at becoming a music tutor. But because he wasn’t educationally or professionally certified, he was unable to make any headway in securing a job. He then learnt about Eyeway from his friends and decided to get in touch with us.

Sikander was curious to know if there were any job options available to blind people who didn’t complete their schooling. Eyeway counselor advised Sikander to complete his education through an open school. In addition, the counselor recommended him to undergo a vocational training which would then enable him to find employment. We put him in touch with Sunny Piplani who runs VEER JI Vocational Training Centre for Persons with Disabilities in Meerut, UP. Sunny is an old client of Eyeway who is also visually impaired and yet doing extremely well for himself. His Centre provides training and employment in sports good manufacturing.  The Centre also offers free boarding and lodging facilities during the three months training. Sikander was happy to learn of this option and agreed to move forward. The team at Eyeway will keep a close tab on the progress made by Sikander so we can offer assistance wherever required.