Desperate for training and employment

70 year old Satish (name changed) lives in Delhi. He lost his eye sight because of an accident in the chemical laboratory while performing his BSc practicals. Nitrogen gas boiled and gushed on to his face, leaving him almost fully blind. Somehow he managed to complete his Bachelors but could not pursue his Masters in Science. Luckily his good communication skills helped him secure the job of a receptionist in Overseas Bank. After working for 28 years in the bank, Satish retired and opened a canteen in National Association for Blind (NAB) Delhi in 2006. But due to lack of funds, he could not sustain the business for more than a year. In the following years, Satish took up a receptionist’s job with two NGOs based in Delhi. But since 2015 he has been unemployed. The main obstacle he faces on the job is his inability to work with computers. All the jobs he has applied for require a basic working knowledge of computers.

In his younger years, Satish did not realize the need to acquire computer skills and he wasn’t even aware of how technology can assist a blind person in his daily life. But now that Satish is unemployed, disabled and living alone, he is desperate for a solution. Satish’s nephew who is also blind underwent training at NAB. He suggested that Satish get in touch with Eyeway for help.

On calling Eyeway, Satish learnt about screen readers and talk backs. Our counselor guided him on how a blind person can access computers using screen reading software like JAWS and NVDA. The counselor shared a copy of NVDA software with Satish and also took him through the steps of installing it on his computer. But to be able to operate computers using screen reading software effectively, Satish needs proper training. He wanted to enroll for the training offered at NAB but his present financial condition does not permit him to commute daily from his home in Sagarpur to the center in RK Puram. At this point, Satish hopes he can find resources to complete his training so he can regain employment and provide for himself. Eyeway will continue to offer support in whichever way possible.