Counseling for a bright future

Prabhsimran Singh visited the Eyeway Helpdesk in Delhi along with his mother in the year 2018 seeking career guidance. The twenty-five-year-old from Gurugram, Haryana is visually impaired since his childhood and has completed his BA (H) in Hindi from Delhi University. Born into a middle-class family, his father is a businessman and mother is a private school teacher. Growing up he felt overprotected by his mother, who also constantly compared him to other children in the family. This left him under-confident.

During the interaction, the Eyeway counsellor understood the underlying issues faced by Prabhsimran, his interests, which helped to chalk out an action plan for his future. He was told about various career options based on his educational background and encouraged to pursue a Master’s degree for better job opportunities. Since he was open for both private and government jobs he was encouraged to enroll for our partner ‘ Enable India’s’ employability training where he would learn personal grooming and professional etiquettes. Besides advising him on career, his mother was also counseled on how she could handle her son better and empower him by being patient and allowing him to do things on his own, and to pursue his interests.

Today Prabhsimran has already completed the 7-month computer and mobility training from Bangalore where he has learnt various skills like report writing that will help him with future jobs. He has regained his confidence and participates in various sports and other activities. Travelling and living independently has added to his confidence and he is now looking forward to clearing his Institute of Banking Personnel Selection Examination.