Compromising on education for employment

Vidyasagar is a 21-year-old visually impaired resident of Satna, Madhya Pradesh. Born blind into a financially poor family, sending him to the National Association for the Blind in Madhya Pradesh seemed like the ideal option for his parents. There, he was given free schooling and accommodation. However, after Class 10 he wanted to discontinue his schooling to seek employment and support his parents financially.

He called up the Eyeway Helpdesk to seek information regarding employment opportunities available for persons with disabilities with Class 10 qualification. On probing further, the counselor understood his underlying need for the same and counseled him against it. Instead, the counselor advised him to pursue his higher education, which would increase his chances of being employed in the long run. He then shared his interest towards the line of teaching and enquired about its educational requirements. He was informed about the various career levels within the teaching profession such as a school teacher, assistant professor, professor, etc.

Vidyasagar took heed to the suggestions given by the Eyeway counselor and completed his Class 12 from NAB. Following this, he applied to various universities to pursue his degree in Bachelor of Arts. The counselor encouraged him to stay focused and work on his skills, alongside his academics. By doing this, he would be ready to look for employment without having to spend extra time on skill training.