Better late than never

A resident of Udvada town in Gujarat, 24 year old Sachin was diagnosed with glaucoma, a disorder that damages the optic nerve. Both Sachin and his sister are visually impaired, belonging to a lower middle class family. Their father allowed them to study in a special school in Mumbai until Class X. After that he insisted that both his children return home to Gujarat where he would provide for them.

His studies discontinued, Sachin led a dependent life for the next seven years. But when a cousin insisted him to complete his education, Sachin contacted the Victoria Memorial School for the Blind in Mumbai. He was redirected to the Eyeway Helpdesk. On speaking with Sachin, the counselor realized that he wanted to complete his studies but he also sought extensive support from the school vis-à-vis accessing study material, mobility etc.  Thus our counselor guided Sachin to finish his schooling from NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) and seek help from National Association for Blind, Mumbai for accessible study material. He was also advised to use a white cane and a talkback enabled android phone to function independently. In addition, Sachin was recommended to join a vocational course at NAB so he could get free accommodation in Mumbai.

Following Eyeway’s suggestions, Sachin has now enrolled in Class XII through private Maharashtra board as well as in an English Stenography course at NAB. It was heartening to see Sachin use a white cane and a smartphone on his recent visit to the Mumbai Helpdesk. Eyeway counselor has further suggested him to consider employability training at EnAble India in Bangalore.