Trailblazing a new path

Ravi Shankar Yadav from Maharaj Ganj, UP is 16 years old and contacted Eyeway for the first time in 2018 having no knowledge of living life with blindness. Ravi was born in a large financially poor family where his father is the only earning member. He was born visually impaired with a swelling in one of his eyes. His parents expecting to reverse the situation sought treatment for a long time but ultimately all efforts proved futile. Surgeries were done on both his eyes later in his teens but it didn’t result in any improvement except nullifying the chances of cancer. But Ravi did not compromise his education in the face of any challenges. He sought education support from various sources and regularly attended his school. He was helped by his friends and teachers in school. Initially with the advice of National Institute for Visually Handicapped (NIVH), Uttarakhand he studied in a special school till 8th standard and came back to Gorakhpur to pursue the rest of his studies. Currently studying in 10th standard he contacted NAB Eyeway not knowing about a future as a blind individual. Having very little confidence he called with the help of a friend. He spoke in bits and pieces not knowing how to articulate his concerns.

On conversation with Ravi Shankar, Eyeway counselor found that he is completely unaware of living life with blindness. Thus, his education, mobility, and daily living have been largely hampered due to this unawareness over these years. He has been depending largely on others to meet his daily requirements. Understanding his problems Eyeway counselor zeroed in to help Ravi out with education, technology and some life skills, which the counselor felt to be the impending problems. Counselor demonstrated to Ravi how to use a mobile phone with the help of talkback, Daisy Player for making reading books easier, use of computers, accessible study materials, smart canes etc. Also, hope and confidence was instilled in him to never give up on his studies. On follow-up it was learned that Ravi has already started making use of technology for his studies and sounded a happier person.