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Pawan Gupta

Twenty-seven-year-old Pawan Gupta lives in Saran, Bihar. He was born sighted but started losing his vision when he was thirteen years old. He was diagnosed with Glaucoma.

Loss of vision led to dropping out of school as he could not keep up with the mainstream methods of teaching. He then took up a menial job but that too became difficult to carry out because of deteriorating eyesight.

His family was not supportive as they were unaware on possibilities of living life with blindness. So, Pawan was largely confined to the four walls of his house. He underwent some treatment at Sankara Nethralaya but his vision could not be restored.

Looking for any glimpse of hope, one day he discovered the services of the Eyeway Helpdesk. The counsellor understood Pawan’s predicament and started guiding him gradually to move towards independent living.

He was guided on applying for a Unique Disability ID with which he could avail government-sponsored schemes and concessions for studying, traveling, etc. He was asked to acquire several skills including basic life skills at the Blind Relief Association (BRA) in Delhi. But his family could not fathom sending him alone to a new city.

So, the Eyeway counsellor patiently convinced Pawan’s parents and he is now undergoing training at BRA. Pawan and his family slowly started to believe that living independently is possible despite blindness. The organization is also helping him enrol for higher studies so he can resume his education.

Pawan is motivated to aspire for a successful life where he is not dependent on sighted people at all times.

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