Overcoming self-doubt

Harish Kumar (name changed) had first contacted the Eyeway Helpdesk in 2013.  Due to his gradual loss of vision he had become disillusioned and wanted to discontinue his studies post his class 10th examination three years ago. Our counselor advised him to complete his education and at the same time shared inspirational stories of visually impaired people who have achieved despite their disability. Encouraged by our guidance Harish was thus motivated and has completed his class 12th successfully since then. This October he again reached out to the Helpdesk seeking information on scholarship schemes. He informed us that he is currently pursuing B.Ed in Dr. Shakunthala University. This has proved to be a milestone in his life, since three years ago he was disillusioned and today he is an inspiration to many to not give up hope and to strive better generic levitra online cheap.