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Not allowing blindness to come in the way

Twenty-six-year-old Sumitra S lives in Bangalore, Karnataka. When she was 3, she lost her eyesight after developing a high fever. Her parents consulted several doctors, but her vision could not be restored at the time.

Sumitra was sent to a mainstream school irrespective of the sight loss. She sat in the classroom studying alongside other kids. Her teachers and parents read out notes and books to Sumitra, so she could keep up. She had to take help from a scribe to write her exams.

After Class VII, Sumitra underwent an eye surgery which restored some vision, enabling her to see and study on her own. She needed a lot of practice and during exams, she availed extra time facility due to her low vision. But Sumitra worked hard and aced her studies. She graduated in Commerce with an 85% score.

She aspired for more. She wanted to become independent in every way, including financially. So, she reached out to the Eyeway Helpdesk. Our counselor in Bangalore advised Sumitra to use low vision assistive devices as well as learn computers with the aid of screen reading software. This would add to her life skills as well as increase her potential for employment.

Sumitra took the advice and completed a basic computer training which enabled her to read and write independently. She was also advised to enroll for a specific office productivity course at Enable India, designed for persons with Low Vision. Sumitra plans to join the next batch to increase her efficiency of working in a mainstream environment.

Meanwhile she also registered with the Eyeway WhatsApp messaging service which keeps her updated with job vacancies, technology innovations, news around blindness, as well as training opportunities. At present, Sumitra is preparing for the Karnataka Administrative Services (KAS) entrance exam. The Eyeway counselor put her in touch with a training academy that helps persons with vision impairment prepare for such competitive exams.

Once she acquires the adequate training and skills, Sumitra can carve out an economically self-reliant future for herself.

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