July 3, 2023: Invited by Sadbhavna to be a Human Book

Sadbhavana, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to bridging divides, fostering dialogue, and celebrating India’s ‘Unity in Diversity’. The Human Book platform, developed by Sadbhavana, strives to shatter stereotypes and promote unbiased perspectives by showcasing real individuals as “human books”.

Sadbhavana extended an invitation to George Abraham to serve as a Human Book on their platform. In his captivating discourse, he delved into prevailing perceptions of visually impaired individuals and the pervasive ignorance surrounding disabilities. He also discussed existing policies supporting the blind community and how crucial information often remains elusive. Furthermore, he emphasized the necessity of comprehending the community’s needs and advocated for more inclusive policies.

The session featured an engaging Q&A segment, including discussions about the disabled community’s role in mainstream systems. Throughout the session, George highlighted his efforts in reshaping the narrative and demonstrating the potential of the visually impaired.

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