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From Exam Struggles to Vocational Success

Eighteen years old Arjun Kumar, hails from Gopalganj, Bihar and belongs to a lower economic background. He had travelled to Delhi to take his exams at the School of Open Learning for Graduation. However, it came to light that he was relying on writers to pass his exams and lacked awareness of the syllabus and curriculum. Recognizing the need for intervention, it became apparent that Arjun should be redirected towards vocational courses to enhance his skills. This would enable him to secure a livelihood, contribute financially to his family, and attain a sense of empowerment. After obtaining permission from George, I took the initiative to support Arjun in improving his career prospects. I introduced him to Blind Releaf Association (BRA) and discussed his situation with Mr. David, seeking admission for Arjun. He was successfully enrolled on the same day and provided with hostel accommodation. Currently, Arjun is undertaking courses in subjects such as computer skills and massage therapy to upgrade his skill set. This intervention has proven to be transformative in Arjun’s life, evident in the significant boost to his confidence. His changed dressing sense reflects this positive shift. During his visit to BRA, I was informed that he had purchased a pair of jeans for Rs. 700 after his exams. Witnessing his increased confidence, I encouraged him to make friends, and he quickly formed connections upon joining BRA. I extend my gratitude to Mr. Divender, the Music Teacher at BRA, who played a crucial role in supporting Arjun’s arrival at BRA on the first day and assisting him in transitioning to the hostel on the second day along with his luggage.

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