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Workshop Details:

Workshop Title: Nazar ya Nazariya

Workshop Length: 120 Minutes

Workshop Facilitator Details:

Facilitator: Mr. George Abraham

Designation: Founding Chairman of World Blind Cricket Council, CEO Score Foundation

Workshop Description: We raise awareness and sensitivity levels among various stakeholders, including corporates, students, academicians, judiciary, media, policymakers, medical professionals, bureaucrats, and more. Each stakeholder plays a crucial role in ensuring the successful integration of visually impaired individuals into the mainstream.

Our workshops aim to reshape perceptions and deepen understanding about life with blindness among stakeholders. We strive to bridge the gap between sighted individuals and the visually impaired community, fostering empathy and creating a more inclusive environment..

The workshop will incorporate simulating exercises, including an interactive segment known as ‘Taking a Stand.’ We blind fold individals, what do they are the limitations that blind people face. wok place orientation and challenges, the elements that are required for easy This session will encourage open discussions and debates about ideas and perceptions related to blindness. We’ll delve into discussions on workplace accommodations and orientations necessary to support visually impaired individuals effectively. During these sessions, relevant videos will be shared to enhance understanding and foster deeper insights into the challenges faced by visually impaired individuals in various environments. The workshop will conclude with a Q&A segment, offering employees the opportunity to ask questions and further engage in dialogue. Additionally, participants will have the chance to share their personal experiences and interactions with individuals with disabilities. By encouraging open dialogue, sharing experiences, and offering practical insights, we aim to foster a more empathetic and informed approach towards supporting individuals with disabilities in the workplace.

Past Workshops

In the past, Eyeway has successfully conducted sensitization and awareness workshops with notable organizations such as Tech Mahindra in Noida and Hyderabad, Lemon Tree, Axis Bank, Ernst and Young, Make My Trip, Bausch and Lomb, ITC Hotels in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Kolkata, as well as esteemed educational institutions including Miranda House, Lady Shri Ram College, Kirori Mal College, Wilson College in Mumbai, IIT Delhi, Jain College in Bangalore, and Satya Bhava University in Chennai ( You could put the logo of these organizations as well)

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Sensitization session at Kirori Mal College