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Breaking Down Barriers One at A Time

Twenty-three-year-old Rutuja Subas Mahangade lives in Pune, Maharashtra. She lost her vision gradually due to an eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa. As individuals with low vision experience a gradual decline in their eyesight, they often find themselves in a state of confusion and helplessness until they come to terms with the sight loss. They also lack access to adequate information and guidance, causing them to remain oblivious of opportunities and possibilities.

Rutuja completed her graduation in Commerce but was unaware of career options available to people with low vision. When she contacted the Eyeway Helpdesk, our counselor told her about the several job opportunities available for someone like her. All she needed to do was acquire some computer skills and learn the use of assistive technology, that could help her function independently.

She was advised to use screen reading software to learn basic and advanced computers with a self-instructional tool called Blimey. As per her interest in banking, she was recommended to enroll for the preparation for banking exams. Since she experienced significant vision loss, Rutuja was advised to take help from a scribe to write her exams.

She is learning computers and pursuing her banking exam preparation. She is taking one step at a time to slowly learn to stand up on her feet again and thrive in the mainstream society.

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