Up and about after a lull of 13 years!

36-year-old Halesh HS lives in Shivamogga city of Karnataka. He was employed as a welder for four years before he lost his eye sight in an ammonia gas explosion at work. The accident left him unemployed and entirely dependent on his family for the following 13 years.

Life had come to a stand still for Halesh, with no one in his family aware of what possibly he could pursue in life despite the vision loss. Fortunately, one day Halesh chanced upon an audio message regarding a mobility tool for blind people. An audio service run for disabled people in Karnataka called, Namma Vaani relayed information on a mobile app that could help blind people find their way around. Halesh was excited to hear this and also a wave of curiosity ran through his mind. He immediately called the number listed on that message and reached Eyeway.

Through the next series of calls, Eyeway counselor apprised Halesh of various aspects of living life with blindness. Halesh realized that he too could lead an independent life given proper training that could help him reorient his ways. He wanted to be employed again. Eyeway recommended a rehabilitation training in Bangalore, where he learnt mobility skills, coping with basic daily needs as well as some vocational skills.

Having undergone the necessary training, Halesh was ready to move around on his own. With his newly acquired skills, Halesh found employment for himself in a nursery. Today he feels dignified and confident when he comes home from work, as he is once again capable of contributing to the family.