Technology: the biggest enabler

The idea that blind persons can be independent individuals charting out careers across a variety of fields is unthinkable to not only those who are sighted but also to many who lose sight at a later stage in life. Technology is one of the biggest factors that allows for this kind of independent living and working. Every month we get several calls from persons who, having lost their sight later in life, are clueless about how technology can help them cope and move on.

Raja (name changed) is one such person who called in from Fatehabad, Haryana. While completing his in 2002 he was diagnosed with Retina Pigmentosa and by 2004 he’d lost most of his vision.

Today, Raja is the owner of a pipe manufacturing factory. He is assisted in his work by his co-owners and other associates. He got in touch with Eyeway because he wanted to understand how he could better adapt to the sighted world.  He seemed quite clueless about the range of assistive technology that was available for visually impaired persons to engage with others on an equal footing.  Our counselors gave him an overview of gadgets, software, apps and other aids like the smart cane that can enable and empower visually impaired persons to become independent and self-reliant. He was curious to know if there was a better way to use his iPhone. We educated him about the accessibility features that were inbuilt in most smart phones. We guided him to activate and use the Voice over feature on his iPhone.

He got back to tell us how thankful he was for opening up a whole world to him. He was so much more comfortable using his phone now. We sincerely hope that more phone companies consciously advertise accessibility features to blind persons.