Technology comes to aid

Vishal Deshmukh is a 39-year-old visually impaired person who lives in Nashik, Maharashtra. He had lost his vision during his last year of graduation due to Retinal detachment. He wasn’t able to cope with the sudden loss of sight and had to ultimately drop out of college. After a span of two years, he decided to search for employment opportunities rather than sit idle at home. With the help of a trainer and his friend, he started a mainstream computer training institute in his place. But soon enough, he realised that he wasn’t contributing enough towards the business as he lacked the required skillset and basic training.

Vishal then enrolled in a computer training course at National Association for the Blind, Mumbai where he learnt how to use the computer using a screen reader. This helped him carry out work such as maintaining daily expenditures and recording important notes. However, carrying a laptop while traveling and putting down notes on the go posed as a challenge. Despite being a smartphone user, he was unaware of applications that could aid him with his varied needs.

After hearing about Eyeway on radio, he called up the toll free helpline to seek solutions. The counselor understood his needs and informed him about an application that could solve his problem. He was given a tutorial on how to use the said application. This helped Vishal take a load off his back as he did not have to carry his laptop everywhere and it also helped him save a lot of time, adding to his work efficiency. Moreover, Vishal was happy that he was able to take note of things like any other sighted person.